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Something's in the air--or water supply--at NEC

A wearable orb video recorder is the latest weird contraption.


Someone must have spiked the Calpico vending machines near NEC's R&D labs in Tokyo.

The company made a legitimate splash at Macworld with a giant curved-screen display, but then creativity began giving way to surreality a few days later with its liquid-powered "Flask" phone. Now things are getting almost Dali-eseque with an NEC concept gadget called the "Dew Life Recording Interface."

Apparently this dangling chrome sphere is meant to hang around the neck and visually record every moment of its wearer's life, according to Dvice, kind of like a portable video Twitter. But no one really knows, really, as it's still in the gestational process. And the way things are going at NEC, the final version could be anyone's guess.