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Sneaker Speaker: Put on your dancing shoes

Your funky shoes are about to get high-tech if the Sneaker Speaker wearable speaker/shoe combination is actually a real product.

Speaker Sneaker
Good luck being sneaky in these sneakers. Ray Kingston Inc.

Despite the move to tiny portable music systems, some of us still long for the good old days of extremely noticeable boomboxes. You can indulge your nostalgia by dressing your iPhone up to look like one, or you could strap some wearable speakers to your feet.

The Sneaker Speaker from New York design group Ray Kingston Inc. wraps a set of speakers over the top of the shoe. Information about both the product and the designer is pretty sketchy so far.

Admittedly, the images of the Sneaker Speakers look a lot like renderings, so it's hard to say if these are in existence in the real world or just a concept at this point.

A diagram of the design's innards shows a 3.5mm stereo input, Bluetooth, an AC adapter port, and a 9-volt battery. I'm thinking Bluetooth makes the most sense, otherwise you'll have to try not to trip on the cord running from your MP3 player to your foot.

I certainly want these speakers to be real. It's like a funky wearable boombox combined with retro "Tron" colors. The creator refers to them as "futuristic alternative urban audio devices" that will increase your "ghetto vibe."

I sent an email to Ray Kingston Inc. for more information. If I find out these are actually available, I'll let you know.

Sneaker Speaker inside
Here's what the design looks like. Ray Kingston Inc.

(Via Reddit)