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Slow video = slow minds?

PHOENIX--With videoconferencing, quality matters. Lag on a video connection makes conversations stilted. We perceive people as mentally slow when they respond to us slowly. As Milton Chen, the CEO of VSee Lab says, quite rightly, "Our brains blame the person for technology deficiencies."

VSee Lab makes Vsee, a videoconferencing product that is supposed to require just half the bandwidth of Skype. It's peer-to-peer and requires no servers. The demo here was compelling--the people on the other end of the videoconference appeared much more lifelike than other, sluggish, videoconference systems.

Also, the system allows users to pan and zoom around the video images coming in. Users can drill into small portions of a whiteboard, for example.

Chen says most of the people working at his company work from home--using VSee Lab's own technology.