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Slice veggies fast, and keep your fingers

With the Asian Mandoline Slicer, you can slice vegetables quickly -- without slicing your fingertips.

Benriner Asian Mandoline Slicer
Benriner Asian Mandoline Slicer Benriner

I've watched enough cooking shows to really want to be able to chop entire piles of vegetables quickly. However, I don't have years to spend in a kitchen, honing my slicing skills. That, combined with the fact that I like having my fingers attached, led me to the Asian Mandoline Slicer from Benriner. This mandolin comes with three blades--fine, medium, and coarse--along with a pusher that keeps fingers away from the blades. The combination turns out perfectly sliced vegetables. The fine blade can turn carrots, radishes, and other treats into delicate garnishes, while the coarse blade cranks out chunky pieces of vegetable (perfect for soup) or fruit (ideal for pie). It's just a matter of placing your vegetables or fruits on the Asian Mandoline Slicer and using the pusher to run them over the blades.

The Asian Mandoline Slicer is a lightweight model, made from plastic. It measures 12 inches long by 3.5 inches wide by 1 inch tall and is easy to clean. While there are certainly bigger mandolins on the market, including models made from metal, most of those options were designed with a professional kitchen. Instead, the Asian Mandoline Slicer will fit in most kitchen drawers, and costs about $25.