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Sky Mobile network opens for business, but no phones yet

The new mobile network with nifty rolling data is now available to everyone, whether you're a current Sky customer or not.

Sky shows like "Westworld" can be synced from your Sky box to your Sky Mobile phone.

Andrea Southam/Sky

Reach for the sky! Sky Mobile properly launches today.

The new mobile network joins Sky's lineup of broadband, landline and television services. First announced waaayyy back in January 2015, Sky Mobile soft launched in December for current Sky customers. From today, anyone can sign up for a contract whether you have a dish or not.

The new network's unique selling point is that you can roll over your data allowance each month if you don't use it all.

Aside from that cool little perk, many of the network's other benefits are aimed at Sky customers. If you already buy your TV or broadband from Sky, then you get free calls and texts, and you can sync recordings from your Sky+ box to your phone to watch when you're away from your telly.

One thing missing from Sky Mobile at this stage is phones. At the moment, you can only get SIM cards with 12-month, pay-monthly contracts, and you have to supply your own handset. Sky says it will begin selling phones "later in 2017".