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Sergey Brin spotted wearing Project Glass Google Glasses

Google's co-founder was spotted wearing the prototype specs at a charity event last night.

These Google boys don't hang around. Just a few hours after announcing Project Glass -- the augmented reality glasses that bring virtual options to your real-world surroundings -- Google's Sergey Brin was spotted rocking a pair at a charity event.

Tech evangelist Robert Scoble made the spot, our sister site CNET News reports. "The Google Glasses are real!" Scoble tweeted. "Here is a set on @sergeybrinn cofounder of Google @ Palace Hotel, San Francisco." He went on: "They look very light weight. Not much different than a regular set of glasses."

But Sergey wouldn't let Scoble try them on (aren't we all a bit like that when we get a new toy?), so we're still no closer to seeing them in action. Apart from the video at the bottom of this story anyway.

As you can see, they don't look much different from a normal pair of specs. Except for the small computer at the top of the frame of course, which lets you look up information, find contacts online, and do pretty much everything you can with a computer -- but without having to press any buttons. Or take your eyes off the road.

The glasses are most likely to be powered by Android, and could even go on sale before the end of the year. Which would be pretty amazing. When a company has the resources to pull no fewer than 11 April Fool's Day pranks out of the bag, I don't doubt it can make augmented reality glasses a, er, reality before the year is out.

The big question is exactly how they'll work in real life, rather than the idealised promo vid. Will people think you're crazy, walking along talking to yourself? Will the information prove intrusive, and make you bump into things? I'm excited, but I'll wait to see them for real before getting too carried away.

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