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Send your questions for Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz

CNET's next Conversation will be with Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz. No, there won't be any swearing. We think. But tell us what you want us to ask!

I'm happy to announce that Tom Krazit and I will interview Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz on June 10 for our next iteration of CNET Conversations. It's been, obviously, a rocky ride for Bartz, who's trying to turn the flagging Web giant around with a promising search deal with Microsoft, a big new mobile deal with Nokia that puts Yahoo mail and messaging on Nokia handsets, big changes to Yahoo Mail, the company's ad platform, and a sense of renewed passion in the company.

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz speaking at a press conference in London.
Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz speaking at a press conference in London. Stephen T. Shankland

Despite her recent PR blitz (she's done interviews with CNBC, TechCrunch, and others in advance of an investor day the company held May 26), though, Yahoo is still being described by some as "a tragedy unfolding in real time."

Bartz has had to acknowledge that the "three really big guys" on the Web right now are Google, Facebook, and Yahoo, with Google and Facebook suddenly in the one and two spots, and she's struggling to convince users and stockholders that Yahoo will be in the big three for long.

So, we'd like to ask the Yahoo boss how the company stays relevant--whether splashy moves like the new partnership with Zynga will draw a new user base, or whether it can build a new mobile empire with Nokia and acquisitions like Indonesian mobile social-networking service Koprol. And we'd like to keep the swearing to a minimum.

What do you want to hear from Ms. Bartz? Post your questions in the comments below, and we'll make sure you get heard!