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Self-weighing luggage lightens travel load

Those three extra pairs of boots and six bottles of hair gel you tossed in your suitcase at the last minute could just be enough to tip your bag over the weight limit. Wouldn't it be nice to know that before you got to the airport and got slapped with an overweight-luggage penalty?

Solutions Luggage
Credit: Ricardo Beverly Hills

Ricardo Beverly Hills has developed a travel luggage collection that lets you know just how much your bag weighs. The Solutions Luggage Collection features a built-in digital scale that indicates when a bag has exceeded the standard 50-pound weight limit.

It's pretty straightforward. After packing, you push the "on" button and lift the suitcase carry handle, and the LCD gives a readout of the combined weight of the luggage and its contents in either pounds or kilograms. The battery-run scale automatically shuts off after 15 seconds.

The Solutions Luggage Collection is available in expandable 25-inch and 28-inch versions and retails for around $200. The collection will be available at Macy's and other department and specialty stores across the country.

Now, how about a suitcase that warns you not to spend so much on vacation tchotchkes?