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See first Samsung Galaxy S3 3D animation here

Here's your chance to check out the Samsung Galaxy S3 from all angles, with a spiffy 3D animation controlled by you.

Here's your chance to check out the Samsung Galaxy S3 from all angles, with a spiffy spinning 3D animation you can control yourself. The image comes from 3D specialist 3D-desk.

The S3 doesn't land in shops until the end of the month, but you can see it in three glorious dimensions right here, right now. It's not quite the same as getting your hands on this new quad-core Android behemoth, but it's the next best thing.

The 3D animation shows off the stick-thin S3 with its curvy blue back, silver rim, and 4.8-inch screen. It's bigger than its predecessor, the Galaxy S2, but you'll have to weigh it in the shop to get a real feel for the S3's size.

We've done our best to show the 3D S3 here -- click and drag to spin the S3 round. Right round. Like a record. Baby.

The interactive animation should work in any browser, including on your iPad or Android phone or tablet. If you're having trouble, click this link to see the 3D image in its full glory.

The 3D S3 shows off the outside of the phone, but if you want to see the Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Samsung TouchWiz software in action, then check out our hands-on video of the S3's software. If you want more still of the latest Galaxy, we got our mitts on the S3 at the official launch -- press play on the video below to see the phone in action:

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The S3 goes on sale on 30 May, with various prices from the major phone networks. To see how it shapes up against its rivals, here's the Samsung Galaxy S3 compared to the Apple iPhone 4S and HTC One X.

Now you've taken it for a spin, what do you think of the latest Galaxy phone? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.