Seagate debuts affordable data protection plans

The Seagate Rescue and Seagate Rescue and Replace data protection plans start at $29.99 for two years.

Seagate's new data protection plans help ease the fear of data loss.
Seagate's new data protection plans help consumers' ease the fear of data loss.Photo by Seagate

You buy a storage device to put your precious data on. If the device dies, you're basically on your own. Your data is gone for good unless you have backups.

To try to help ease the fear, Seagate introduced its Seagate Rescue and Seagate Rescue and Replace data protection plans, offering coverage starting at $29.99. The former offers data recovery, the latter also includes a replacement of the storage device itself.

This is the first time that a storage vendor offers a complete plan that covers both drive replacement and data recovery services for data contained on the drive. And according to Seagate, you can buy the plans to cover "nearly any brand of internal or external hard disk drive or solid-state drive." The plans offers data protection against physical damage, corruption, or accidental deletion.

The service will first be made available through and will later be available to be purchased from retail and manufacture partners at the time you purchase a computer, an external storage, or a NAS server. The Seagate Rescue plans come in two-, three-, and four-year packages that costs $30, $40, and $50, respectively. The plan for Seagate Rescue and Replace also comes in the same packages that cost $10 more apiece.

While these fees are relatively low for the length of coverage, note that neither of the plans cover data loss in case of theft. That said, make sure you still have a backup solution for important data.