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Sculpteo 3D printing: Be your own action figure

3D printing start-up welcomes you into your own personal uncanny valley with a custom mini-you figurine.

Sculpteo mini-you figurines all in a row.
Sculpteo mini-you figurines all in a row. Sculpteo

Visionaries are already coming up with inspiring uses for 3D printers. Print a new ear? It could happen. Build custom prosthetics? It's on the to-do list. How about re-creating yourself in miniature? You don't have to wait for that one. 3D printing start-up Sculpteo generates customized figurines based on your face. All it takes is two photos and $75.

Here's the process. Pick a custom body, or choose from a theme such as "rugby" or "wedding." Choose an expression: smile, grimace, frown, whatever. It's up to you. Upload a front and side shot of your head. An anonymous artist somewhere goes to work to create a digital model. You approve it. Sculpteo prints it out of plastic on one of its fancy 3D printers, colors it in, and mails it to you.

The result is a mini-you that looks like it was sculpted by an elf for the world's smallest waxwork museum. It's both compelling and unsettling at the same time, like you've just stepped into a Lilliputian version of the uncanny valley.

The possibilities are boundless. Give yourself to your significant other to cuddle while you're away on business. Attach yourself to the front of your car for a unique hood ornament. Take on those G.I. Joe action figures mano a mano. They won't stand a chance against the power of your mini-you.

Once you tire of playing with yourself, you can check into Sculpteo's other custom 3D printing services or browse the gallery for an iPhone case, key chain, or fruit bowl.