Samsung Tocco Lite 2 budget blower hits the UK in March

The Samsung Tocco Lite 2 will be hitting the UK in early March, sporting a 3-inch screen, but no 3G.

Samsung's not all about the high-end smart phones -- it's keeping an eye on the lower end of the fancypants spectrum with a follow-up to the Tocco Lite. The creatively titled Tocco Lite 2 will be hitting the UK in early March, boasting modest, wallet-friendly hardware, but sadly no 3G.

We're still waiting for some pictures of the Tocco Lite 2 -- we'll update this story once they arrive.

Measuring 11.5mm thick and weighing 95g, the Tocco Lite 2 should slip stealthily into your pockets without creating any unsightly bulging.

As well as not getting you arrested, this little phone packs a 3-inch screen, with a 240x320-pixel resolution. That's not a very high pixel count, so don't expect menus and picture viewing to be especially sharp.

There's a camera around the back, but again with a mere 3.2-megapixel resolution and fixed focus, don't expect to nab any award-winning snaps.

More positive is that Samsung's mercifully ditched the proprietary headphone socket that besmirched the first Tocco Lite. A 3.5mm socket on the Tocco Lite 2 means you'll be able to plug in your own headphones, rather than settling for the naff pair that come in the box.

Skipping once more into the list of cons like a frenetic hopscotch enthusiast, it doesn't look like there's any 3G on board, so Internet browsing will happen at a snail's pace. That's a huge drawback for a modern mobile, especially as budget blowers like the Huawei Blaze pack 3G and Android, with all its apps.

As a consequence, the Tocco Lite 2 will need to be seriously, unbelievably, scraping the bottom of the bargain bin cheap to win our hearts. Fingers crossed.

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