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Samsung SyncMaster S23A750D review: The dark mirror of monitors

Thanks to its extremely reflective screen, the S23A750D doesn't make for the best sunny Saturday afternoon movie-watching experience. When the sun goes down however, it's time to break out your Blu-ray copies of "The Dark Knight,""Dark City," or any movie for that matter. The experience of watching movies on this monitor is matched by few others.

Yeah. Makes a pretty good mirror. Kind of sucks during the day in direct sunlight, but the glossy, high-contrast look pays off after hours when watching movies. Josh Miller/CNET

Yes, the Samsung SyncMaster S23A750D supports Samsung's proprietary active shutter 3D, but forget about that for a minute. What you should really focus on is its movie and games performance.

Now, not everyone loves glossy screens. As I mentioned before, they can get uber-reflective, particularly during sunny days, and movies or TV shows or games with lots of dark scenes can suffer as a result.

However, the payoff of watching movies on the S23A750D under proper lighting conditions (i.e. at night) is worth any difficulties that sunny days bring.

Check out the full review of the S23A750D as I talk more about reflective screens, dark movies, and yes, 3D.

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