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Samsung SyncMaster S23A550H review: Does DVI still matter?

The Samsung S23A550H does away with DVI, but does anyone care?

Look closely. Is there anything missing here? Josh Miller/CNET

The Samsung PX2370 review is consistently the most popular monitor review on CNET. Not surprisingly, since it's the monitor I recommend the most, on nearly a daily basis, through other monitor reviews and nearly every monitor-related blog post (kind of like this one).

The PX2370's design, price, performance, and features make it one of the best TN displays we've ever reviewed. As with most hit movies, though, living up to the magic of the first film in a sequel is daunting to say the least.

The Samsung SyncMaster S23A550H, Samsung's 2011 follow-up to the PX2370, thanks to some design changes and lower performance doesn't live up to its pedigree.

It's not a bad monitor by any means, but from the placement of its connection options to the manner in which cable management is implemented there seem to have been quite a few missteps, designwise.

Of particular note is the fact that Samsung doesn't include DVI on the S23A550H. I asked Samsung about this and a spokesperson had this to say: "Consumers have been telling us they are switching to HDMI, especially laptop users, and we have supported this trend by including HDMI ports on more models in 2011. Since HDMI can be connected to DVI with an inexpensive adapter, consumers who still prefer DVI can easily use monitors with HDMI ports. Users who want a dedicated DVI port can find them on families including 300, 450, and 650."

Good to see the company isn't abandoning the standard just yet, and it's true that an extra cable or adapter isn't very expensive (especially if Monoprice is your shopping choice). However, while the 300 series mentioned does include DVI, it doesn't include HDMI. With the PX2370 we got both DVI and HDMI; however, this year, it seems we have to choose.

But is that a big deal? Just how important is the inclusion of DVI in 2011 in a monitor? Does it matter at all or has everyone moved on to HDMI or DisplayPort? Maybe you're still rocking the old VGA, like some editors I know around here.

I'd love to hear from as many of you as I can on this, so please take the poll and tell us: which video connection do you use most with your computer monitor?