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Samsung phone owners haven't lost faith in their brand, poll finds

Ninety-two percent of current Samsung users who were aware of the Galaxy Note recall said they'd likely purchase another Samsung-branded phone in the future.

Josh Miller/CNET

Samsung customers are still "fiercely loyal" to the brand, despite the company's recent troubles with exploding phones and a global recall of the Galaxy Note 7.

A Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll published Sunday reveals the scandal hasn't appeared to have as much of an adverse effect on customer opinion as initially expected.

Of those aware of the recall, 27 percent of shoppers surveyed said they would consider a Samsung smartphone, while 92 percent of current Samsung users said they'd likely purchase another Samsung-branded phone down the line.

The survey, conducted between October 26 and November 9, also found that Samsung devotees are still just as loyal as customers on Team Apple: 92 percent of current iPhone owners also plan to upgrade to the next version.

The Korean electronics giant continues to be the most popular smartphone manufacturer in the world, with 71.7 million smartphones sold in the third quarter of 2016.