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Samsung shrieks: Captain Kirk, Fred Flintstone talked to watches

A new ad trying to make the poorly reviewed Galaxy Gear somehow relevant, features Captain Kirk, and a host of other watch-talkers throughout entertainment history.

You see, you'll be ahead of your time, just like he was. Samsung/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

In its rush to be the first to release an iWatch, Samsung might have taken its eyes off people.

Many are looking at these things and muttering: "Why the hell do I need one of those?"

Indeed, even the first nerdy people to review Samsung's new Galaxy Gear have found their wrists twitching less than they had hoped.

For example, CNET's Andrew Hoyle offered: "It falls far short of expectations."

So in chimes Samsung on Sunday with a new ad that shrieks: "Wait a minute, your favorite entertainment heroes have ALWAYS talked to their watches!"

And a persuasive sleight of thought it is, too.

Some of the scientific greats of television have used their watches as prime communication devices.

There was Dick Tracy. There was Captain Kirk. There was, um, Fred Flintstone.

Yes, Samsung is desperate for you to understand that all of history was leading up to this moment -- the moment just after smartphones had made you understand that you don't need a watch at all.

But now you need a watch because it's your auxiliary smartphone.

If David Hasselhoff hasn't always been ahead of his time, then who has?

Perhaps, in time, real people will appreciate returning to their wrist for their information. Perhaps these watches will become more stylish the minute (if ever) Apple releases one.

Currently, though, they seem more like an idea trying to force itself onto human behavior.

At least temporarily, the people might be resisting.