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Samsung hypes up the Galaxy Note 4 with video teasers

Four new YouTube videos build anticipation for Samsung's next-gen phablet ahead of IFA launch.

Samsung's next Galaxy Note is but a few days away. Screenshot by Scott Webster/CNET

Pop quiz: What do a fashion blogger, an entrepreneur, a barber, and a spiritual healer have in common? Apparently, all four of them are stoked about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 .

With the Note 4 debut a week away, Samsung is generating more buzz around its next-gen phablet through a collection of "Love Note" videos the company put on YouTube. The clips show how these four hip and fashionable folks use their current Galaxy Notes in their daily routines to scrapbook and sketch, and take advantage of the large display size.

Unsurprisingly, the S Pen stylus, which is unique to Samsung's Note series, is a common thread that connects the videos. The Galaxy Note line is synonymous with stylus input and handwriting and has improved with each iteration. We should expect a new stylus feature to come with the Note 4.

It isn't clear whether these videos will make their way to TV in the next few days. My gut says we'll see them displayed as pre-roll ads ahead of other YouTube clips until the day of the big reveal.

CNET will be in IFA September 3 live-blogging the event at 8:30am EST. Be sure to also check back after things wrap up for our hands-on impressions and early reactions.