Samsung Galaxy S4 teaser video has most irritating kid ever

Samsung has released a teaser video ahead of the Galaxy S4's official unveiling on 14 March in New York, and it's just excruciating.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is just 10 days away from its big launch, and Samsung's attempting to wind up the hype machine with a staggeringly embarrassing new teaser trailer posted on its Facebook page.

The video, embedded below, all but confirms that the next Galaxy smart phone will indeed be called the Galaxy S4, with the tagline, "Be ready 4 the next Galaxy". Never mind that though -- Samsung's entrusted the launch of its flagship phone to the most annoying kid in the entire world, Little Jeremy Maxwell.

Samsung wasn't going to make the same mistake with this teaser video as it did with the Galaxy S2, where the device was cleverly spotted in a reflection. No, it's made a much worse one, by hiring this flop-topped moppet to schill its new blower.

The highlight comes when in unintentional homage to Pulp Fiction, Little Jeremy gets a sneak peak at the S4, which shines as brightly as Marcellus Wallace's soul. How does this stuff get signed off?

The Galaxy S4 has already suffered a few supposed leaks, with the device rumoured to be coming in six different variants and lacking a home button -- we've even got our hands on some alleged specs and possible benchmarks.

What we know for certain is that the device will be officially unveiled at Samsung Unpacked on 14 March -- which has sadly left London this year, and headed for The City That Never Sleeps, as it increasingly focuses on taking on Apple in its heartland.

Are you on the edge of your seat in anticipation of the S4? Has Little Jeremy Maxwell won you over? Shine a light in the comments, or hit us up on Facebook.

Additional reporting by Jordan O'Brien.

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