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Samsung Galaxy S4 shipments hit 20 million, report says

We've asked Samsung to confirm the whopping figure, which suggests the phone is selling way better than the S3.

There's a mile-long conga line forming at Samsung headquarters, amid reports that its latest toy, the Samsung Galaxy S4, has breezed past the 20 million sales mark.

Samsung will hold a press conference to announce the milestone, Android Beat writes, having spied a report to that effect on Korean site iNews24. I've contacted Samsung for comment and will let you know if I hear anything back.

The maths would make sense -- Samsung said the S4 hit the 10 million mark roughly a month after it went on sale in late April, and if a formal 20 million announcement is imminent, it would come a little more than two months after the day the S4 hit shop shelves.

That could suggest sales of the S4 are slowing ever so slightly, or at least not accelerating. It would ably demonstrate Samsung's growth over the last few years however -- by comparison, the S3 took 100 days to hit the same sales mark, and the S2 took 10 months.

While impressive, these numbers typically represent the amount of phones that Samsung has flogged to retailers and distributors, rather than the number that actual humans have purchased.

Samsung is expected to reveal its second-most-anticipated mobile, the Galaxy Note 3, in early September. Apple will likely unveil the next iPhone in the same month.

Are you a Samsung fan, or do you prefer the aluminium lure of Apple's gadgets? Perhaps you're rooting for HTC instead? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

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