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Samsung Galaxy S3 outsells iPhone 5 in UK, say new figures

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is outselling the iPhone 5 despite Apple's hugely hyped launch, according to new figures.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is outselling the iPhone 5 despite Apple's hugely hyped launch, according to new figures.

Comparison site uSwitch says the S3 outsold the iPhone on deals from British phone networks in September, but the figures don't include any phones sold SIM-free. Despite the huge hype around its launch, the iPhone 5 arrives at -- appropriately enough -- number five with a bullet on the uSwitch hotlist.

Although the iPhone went on sale in shops on 21 September, it was available to order online from the 14th. While that means it was on sale for less time than other phones, the first few days often see the fastest sales, like the opening weekend of a movie. As queues formed outside Apple Stores days in advance, the iPhone 5 ended up shifting 5 million phones globally in the first three days -- beating the previous model's first month of sales. So we'd expect the iPhone to have a stellar fortnight.

By contrast, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been on sale since May, so you'd expect sales to have slowed, but with five months at the top is clearly still selling like heated comestibles. The iPhone was also outsold by the Samsung Galaxy Ace and the older Galaxy S2, and the iPhone 4S, showing that many phone fans would rather bag a bargain on an older phone than splash out on the latest iPhone.

The Mobile Tracker report is based on figures derived from uSwitch and its network of mobile phone comparison partners, so doesn't include those buying unlocked iPhones direct from Apple -- or indeed any other SIM-free phone.

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