Samsung Galaxy S3 mini 4-inch version to challenge iPhone

Samsung has announced a 4-inch version of the best-selling S3 to challenge the 4-inch iPhone.

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Fancy a Samsung Galaxy S3 -- but think it's just too big? Put that iPhone down and back away from the Apple Store, because Samsung has announced a 4-inch version of the best-selling S3.

The smaller version of the S3 will be released tomorrow in Germany. Samsung says that although it'll be smaller, it won't have sawn-off specs. Full details are yet to be confirmed, but it's understood the 4-inch phone will be called the S3 mini.

The S3's screen currently measures a sizable 4.8-inches from corner to corner. With its crisp 720p resolution it's aces for watching high-definition movies and TV shows, playing fast-paced games and browsing the Web with loads of space onscreen for websites to stretch their legs. But if your hands are on the dinkier side -- or perhaps you favour a tighter trew -- you may have considered smaller phones such as the 4-inch iPhone 5 or even the 3.5-inch iPhone 4S.

Android phones with smaller screens tend to be lower specced, so the iPhone has had little serious competition at that size. The S3 mini goes head-to-head with Apple's market-leading iPhone, mounting perhaps the stiffest challenge to Apple's dominance the fruit-flavoured US company has ever faced.

Our only concern is that there may now be too many S3s. As well as the mini version, Samsung has just released the S3 LTE on the UK's first 4G network EE. Let's hope Samsung doesn't dilute the S3 name and confuse customers with too many versions.

What's your favourite smaller smart phone? Would you opt for a 4-inch S3 -- or is bigger better? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.