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Samsung Galaxy S3 launch and UK 4G plans in video

Watch this week's Phone News video, which is bursting at the seams with rumours about the imminent launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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The wait is finally, nearly, almost over. That's right phone fans, Galaxy S3 day is this very week.

To help get us even more worked up for the launch of this year's most hotly-anticipated Android phone, my esteemed colleague Rich Trenholm has squished all this week's most thrilling phone news into this one excitement-inducing video.

What we know about the Samsung Galaxy S3 so far is that it's a quad-core beast of a smart phone, but Samsung has kept everything else tightly under wraps. There have been plenty of leaked photos -- some pretty real and some not so much -- which have led us to expect a high definition screen, powerful camera, Android 4.0 and a button that dispenses cookie-dough ice cream when you answer a call.

Mmmm...cookie-phone ice dream.

We'll be at the S3's world launch right here in rainy London, so keep your peepers firmly fixed on CNET come Thursday for the all the news as it happens and hands-on previews of this most hotly-tipped new phone. If you’re keen to know more about what to expect, then check out our complete guide to the S3, in which we have collated every snippet of a rumour we’ve managed to lay our hands upon.

In other news, Orange and T-Mobile have outlined what it thinks the benefits will be of 4G. It reckons a 4G mobile Internet network will pump 75 billion quid into the British economy. Not everyone's happy though -- rival networks are up in arms that Orange and T-Mobile are getting a head start on 4G.

This week Natasha has had her hands on the first phone from household-favourite tech brand Panasonic: the Panasonic Eluga. It certainly makes a splash in the looks department, with a slick design, massive screen and waterproof exterior. Under the phone's stylish wetsuit, however, things are a little soggy. Check out our full review and hands-on video to find out more.

BlackBerry is determined to show Apple customers the error of their ways by swarming Apple Stores in the Australian cities of Melbourne and Sydney with banners, telling them to “Wake Up!” It's an interesting marketing tactic from the beleaguered smart phone manufacturer, and one I suspect probably wouldn't make any sense even if we did understand the reasoning behind it.

Hit play on the video to check out all these stories in full. Has Blackberry lost it? Is 4G for real? Are you salivating over the S3? Pop your answers to any or all of these questions in the in the comments below, or over on our Facebook page.