Samsung Galaxy S sparkle for tablets in rumoured S Tab rebrand

Samsung is reported to be planning to add a sprinkle Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 magic to its tablets by adding an S to the Tab brand.

S Taaaabbbbb -- ain't no party like an S Tab party! Samsung is reported to be planning to add a sprinkle of the pop magic of the smash hit Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 to its tablet range by adding an S to the Tab name.

Samsung's tablets are known by the name Galaxy Tab, but rumours say forthcoming tablets will be named S Tab. The tipsters at SamMobile reckon there's a 10- or 11-inch S Tab coming with full high-definition AMOLED screen and eight-core Exynos 5 Octa processor inside.

The rumoured S Tab devices are purported to have physical home buttons, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, on the long side in landscape mode rather than on the short side like the iPad or a smart phone that's held in portrait mode. Current Galaxy Tab tablets like the Tab 2 7-inch and Galaxy Tab 10.1 don't have physical home buttons.

We're prepared to give this rumour some credence based on the fact that Samsung has already tried to rub off a little of the S series sparkle onto other products. The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is named in a misleading marketing wheeze, suggesting the phone is just a smaller version of the powerhouse that is the S3 -- which is far from the truth.

Reports suggest Samsung is about to repeat the trick with an S4 Mini. We've got our fingers crossed it isn't another scam but let's face it, the odds ain't great.

Samsung is playing the name game across the board. Recent scuttlebutt suggests the Korean company has also come up with a new name for the mid-sized, in-between-screen follow-ups to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Future devices boasting screen sizes between that of a large phone and a small tablet will reportedly be called the Samsung Galaxy Mega range.

To see what the fuss is about with the S series of smart phones, press play on our video taking you through the evolution of the Galaxy S phone.

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Is Samsung in danger of diluting the S brand, or could the Tabs do with a spot of S sparkle? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.