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Samsung Galaxy Round tipped to be first flexible phone

The future is flexible with the Samsung Galaxy Round, hotly-tipped to have the first curved screen.

Round and round we go with rumours of the future of phones: and the future is flexible with the Samsung Galaxy Round and its hotly-tipped curved screen.

If new rumours from Korea are to be believed, Samsung's first phone to sport a curved display will also be the first to hit shops, potentially beating the banana-shaped LG Z revealed last week.

Samsung has already confirmed that a bendy blower would be released in South Korea this month.

The name Samsung Galaxy Round is also new, with previous whispers suggesting Samsung's curved screen would make an appearance in the rumoured Samsung Galaxy F super-phone or a future Galaxy Note.

Curved screens use a plastic substrate rather than glass, so can be designed to be curved rather than flat. Concept designs -- including the one pictured above -- have Samsung's Youm displays bending at about 45 degrees around the bezel at the bottom, effectively increasing the overall screen size.

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