Samsung Galaxy Note ad mocks Apple fans, again

Samsung's poking fun at Apple fans again, this time in the Superb Owl ad for the Galaxy Note, starring, er, Justin Hawkins?

Samsung's poking fun at Apple fans again, with a new ad for the Galaxy Note, aired during this big sporting event in America called the Superb Owl, whatever that is.

The ad shows a bunch of glum Apple fans waiting in line for a new gadget, before a Samsung Galaxy Note owner walks past and causes the Cupertino loyalists to lose faith, bursting through the barriers and breaking into song upon seeing the Note's gigantic AMOLED screen and, er, stylus.

The ad is pretty daft, and tech fans who follow the battle between Samsung and Apple will only really get a kick out of the first bit, which features a few decent lines like, "Samsung... again?!" and one confused gadgeteer musing, "I don't know what I believe in any more."

The ad craftily never mentions Apple by name, but the target of Samsung's fun-poking ads is obvious -- we've spent enough time queuing for Apple products to know when a group of fans is being lampooned, and the shop the fans are lining up in front of is highly Apple-esque.

This isn't the first time Samsung's poked fun at the iPhone crowd -- an earlier ad saw a similar bunch of trendysomethings waiting in line, only to have their minds changed by the Galaxy S2.

Samsung may be mocking Apple over the airwaves, but the real battle takes place on the high street, where Apple is winning hands-down. Samsung has confirmed it won't be showing off its much-anticipated Galaxy S3 at Mobile World Congress at the end of the month, instead choosing to debut its new flagship at a separate event.

Very Apple-esque if you ask us (which you did, implicitly, by hanging around on our website). But does Samsung have the strength to tilt with Apple? Or will the iPhone 5 leave all other mobiles in the dust? And is that really The Darkness' Justin Hawkins (we think so)? Tell us in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

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