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Samsung Galaxy Nexus official release date confirmed

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus will hit shops on Thursday 17th November, Samsung has officially confirmed.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus will hit shops on Thursday 17th November. Samsung has officially confirmed the rumoured release date for the new Android flagship smart phone.

The Galaxy Nexus is the first to show off Ice Cream Sandwich, the new version of Google's Android software for phones and tablets. That means in less than two weeks, you could be using your face to unlock your Galaxy Nexus and rockin' all over Android's new look.

As the cheerleader for Android, Samsung describes the phone as a "pure Google experience" -- that is, it's free of the extras usually bolted on to Android by manufacturers, like Samsung's TouchWiz interface or HTC's Sense front end. The advantage is that Samsung promises the Galaxy Nexus will always be the first to get the latest updates to Android, where added extras like TouchWiz and Sense delay updates reaching you because of compatibility issues. As any LG Optimus owner can tell you, sometimes those delays can be pretty long.

As well as Ice Cream Sandwich, the Galaxy Nexus boasts a 4.65-inch high definition Super AMOLED display and 5-megapixel camera.

The Nexus will be available on the major networks. You can also buy it SIM-free and unlocked; Amazon wants £550 for it.

Meanwhile the Samsung Galaxy Note is now on sale. The Note was originally scheduled to arrive mid-month, but was brought forward presumably so as not to clash with the Nexus.

Ice Cream Sandwich isn't the only operating system update in town: Apple has updated to iOS 5 on the iPhone 4S, and Microsoft is showing off Windows Phone Mango on the new Nokia Lumia 800. Click here to see how the new phones stack up against each other.

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