Samsung DV300F camera boasts two screens and Wi-Fi

The Samsung DV300F is a different kind of camera -- it has Wi-Fi and not one but two screens.

Hey kids -- cables are for boring old fogies, right? Then check out the Samsung DV300F, a new camera that indulges your most narcissistic tendencies and cuts out the cable-y middleman thanks to built-in Wi-Fi.

The DV300F is the latest in Samsung's 2View range, a line of cameras with not one but two -- count 'em -- screens. As well as the typical 3-inch screen on the back for lining up your photos and looking at them afterwards, there's a second 1.5-inch screen for lining up self-portraits and playing animations to amuse your subjects.

It's certainly fun for the kids, with the front-facing screen playing animations like a japesome clown to get the younglings smiling and laughing in photos.

Other kid-friendly features include wacky frames for pictures -- like on your phone, five years ago -- and an option to add goofy grins or comical noses.

Teenagers get to use the second screen to compose their arms-length snaps and post them on Facebook or Tumblr or whatever the kids do these days -- and without messing about plugging into a computer, granddad. For teens and tweens with no time to fiddle with cables, this model is the first to combine the dual-screen gimmick with the Wi-Fi feature, which Samsung has previously included in cameras such as the Samsung SH100.

With Wi-Fi on board you can automatically email your images or videos or upload them to Facebook, Picasa, YouTube and the like. You also get free online memory space at Samsung's AllShare Play or Microsoft SkyDrive cloud storage services.

Pictures are stored on a microSD memory card, which is the same as in your phone so you can swap cards if necessary. The camera offers 16 megapixels, a 5x optical zoom and 25mm wide angle lens. Video is 720p at 30 frames per second.

The DV300F comes in a range of metallic colours, including black, or two-tone dark grey with a choice of colours at the back. Price and release dates are yet to be confirmed, but we're likely to see it at the CES trade show next week. In the meantime, let us know what you think in the comments section below or over on our Facebook page.

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