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Samsung banner suggests huge OLED TV at CES

A banner at CES hints Samsung will be showcasing a large OLED TV that's possibly packing glasses-free 3D tech.


The curtain is yet to lift on CES 2012, but already news is starting to drip through. Now the sleuths over at have spotted a Samsung banner hinting the Korean company will be showcasing a large glasses-free 3D OLED TV.

Exciting stuff indeed. And surely a sign of things to come in the week ahead in Vegas.

The banner reads: Samsung OLED TV, Super OLED, Ultimate TV, Super OLED Sensation. So it's not exactly big on specifics, but we can read a little into it. LG has already announced it'll be unveiling a 55-inch OLED TV, and this banner hints Samsung will be doing the same. Sources also tipped off that Samsung will launch a 55-inch OLED TV at CES, adding fuel to the fire.

The LG set is the world's largest, according to the company, though if Samsung matches it, it'll no doubt pour some water on its fire. The fact Samsung is referring to it as the Ultimate TV could also hint it'll have glasses-free 3D tech, which would be a real boon, especially at a larger size.

Regardless, the fact manufacturers can afford to make OLED sets at a larger size hints the price of OLED is coming down for us regular Joes wanting to buy. Samsung showed glasses-free OLED sets back at CES 2010, though they were only between 20- to 30-inches large.

OLED TVs have brighter, more vivid images, but have traditionally been really rather pricey. The first OLED set to go on sale in the UK was just 11-inches, and will still set you back £1,000 today, over three years after going on sale.

CES kicks off on Monday, so stay tuned to CNET UK for all the news as it happens. Let us know what you'd like to see on our Facebook page, or below in the comments.

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