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Rumoured HTC One X+ benchmarked, has 1.7GHz chip

The successor to HTC's One X also looks like it'll run Android Jelly Bean.

HTC's One X may be the most ridiculously powerful smart phone money can buy, but it looks like a successor is waiting in the wings.

A handset codenamed the HTC PM63100, thought to be the HTC One X+, has been benchmarked using NenaMark2 -- a graphics performance app for testing Android devices. And the big news? That monster 1.5GHz quad-core processor has been upgraded to 1.7GHz.

It's still an Nvidia Tegra 3 effort, so will remain as quad-core. The screen resolution stays at 720x1,280 pixels as well, which is very respectable. The One X+ will also come running Android Jelly Bean.

Apart from that, there are no more specs on the One X+. But if these are correct, expect it to be the company's new flagship when it launches. 

HTC recently announced the One X and One S will get an over-the-air upgrade to Android Jelly Bean, though there's no word on when.

The One X has had its share of troubles. The Wi-Fi signal wasn't as good as it should be, so HTC promised to redesign the handset. Customers also complained of a dodgy screen (pushing the edges causes the display to flex, with discoloured pixels tracking your finger movements), and poor battery life. Not all handsets were affected. And in the case of the battery, owners took it upon themselves to fix it, MacGyver-style.

Sales of the One X have been disappointing as well. It's thought to account for some of HTC's 26 per cent drop in May's consolidated sales compared to the same month last year.

You can see the meeting now… "Ok, so we've launched a ridiculously over-powered smart phone, and it's not doing so well. What we need is more power."

Would an HTC One X+ be a success? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook.