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Rumor Has It, Ep. 2: Amazon grosses us out (podcast)

CNET editors Emily Dreyfuss and Karyne Levy are back for another round of rumors. And what's that on the board? Did someone get a point?

We're back this week with another round of juicy rumors, and for once, not one of them is about the iPhone 5. That's because it doesn't exist...yet, but that doesn't stop us from talking about it for a solid 2 minutes (we timed it!).

Do you remember this? It's called "paper." Karyne Levy/CNET

We changed the rules a little and decided to vote on all the rumors, rather than picking just one. That way we can get more points on the board; remember that the winner at the end of the month gets to make the other person do something embarrassing (as if the "Muffin Top" song wasn't embarrassing enough).

Also this week, Yahoo puts on some lipstick and waits for suitors, and Karyne wonders why; Samsung stirs the rumor pot by sending out an invite for an event where it will announce something big and swoopy; cable providers might fulfill Emily's dreams; and Amazon Silk may just be the grossest name for anything ever. In the entire world.

Check out the show and see which one of us got a point this week (hint: it might not have been fair, but at least one of us is a gentleman about it). And tune in next Tuesday at 10 a.m. PT, when Sharon Vaknin will step in for Emily and bet on her behalf.


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Show notes:
Yahoo no longer playing hard-to-get, report says
Reuters reports Microsoft wants to buy, again
Samsung to show off Nexus Prime at Oct. 11 event?
Samsung's next Android phone looks a lot swoopier
Samsung flexy phone!
In switch, cable operators want to go 'a la carte'
Amazon Silk is not just for Fire tablets

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