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Rumor Has It, Ep. 1: Inaugural episode (podcast)

CNET editors Emily Dreyfuss and Karyne Levy come kicking out of the gate to discuss the likelihood of the week's hottest tech rumors.

We sprint out of the gate for our first show ever, opening up with a bunch of juicy rumors and our first (obviously), very exciting rumor confirmation.

Yep, you guessed it: it's about the iPhone 5. But before you roll your eyes too hard, Apple haters, fret not, because the confirmation is that the iPhone 5 will be announced next Tuesday, October 4, which means you'll never have to hear an iPhone 5 rumor on our show again.* Praise be! (Now, we'd better get busy finding other rumors for you, or this will be the first and last episode of Rumor Has It ever--sad clown face.)

As our chat room astutely put it, this show could also be called the "Where Emily sings and dances to the Muffin Top song." I vetoed that and suggested, "Where we eat the muffin top," which made Karyne nearly vomit at her desk, so "Inaugural episode" it is! Compromise folks; it's what the world is made of.

Watch the show to see if we think the iPhone 5 will get a removable battery on October 4. Will Amazon buy Netflix streaming? Will Microsoft let you watch Comcast and Verizon cable from the Xbox? Will two new Xooms come out soon? Do you care about any of that? If not, then watch just to see a rousing musical number and some off-color jokes.

And don't forget that this is above-all a gambling show. Tune in to see which rumor we each bet on, and add your 2 cents in the poll below. Score right now: zero, zero. Next week? Rumor Has It I'm going to win, but Karyne doubts that.

*We reserve the right to renege on this promise if something goes haywire on Tuesday and there are more rumors to come.


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Show notes:
Netflix split to set up Amazon streaming merger?
Microsoft in talks with Comcast, Verizon on Xbox TV?
TBS, TNT shows coming to Google TV, report says
Amazon set to unveil new Kindle and/or tablet on September 28
iPhone event invite
iPhone 5 20 most-wanted features
More Motorola Xoom 2 leaks: Two models?

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