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Rumor: Facebook to release video-enabled Messenger app for iPhone, iPad

Facebook's standalone Messenger app may soon be getting major updates, including one that would include support for video chats through Skype as well as an iPad version.


A "reliable source" has informed 9to5Mac that Facebook is currently developing its Facebook Messenger app for Apple's iPad.

According to screenshots provided by 9to5Mac, the iPad version of the Messenger app looks fairly similar to Facebook's current standalone app for iPhone. The app includes one-to-one chats, group chats, and supports push notifications.

Facebook's Messenger app also allows users to see their friends' locations on a map.

Though no timeline for release was mentioned by the source, it did also suggest that Facebook would be adding video chat support through Skype for at least the iPhone version. The video chat support is expected to be added sometime this summer with an Android version following shortly thereafter.

9to5Mac reports that the video functionality of the Messenger app works well most of the time and that Facebook is planning to make the app universal binary, though no indication of video capabilities for the iPad version has been found.

What is your video chat app of choice? Would you use Facebook Messenger if it had video functionality? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!