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RSS feeds from CNET for My Yahoo!

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for content distribution. CNET offers several RSS feeds with headlines and descriptions and links back to CNET for the full story.

CNET RSS feeds

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for content distribution (more). CNET offers RSS feeds with headlines and descriptions and links back to CNET for the full story.

CNET Feeds for My Yahoo!

Please click on the "Add to My Yahoo!" button below to get the corresponding feed added to your personalized page on Yahoo!

NameAdd feed
CNET (main feed) Add CNET to My Yahoo!
CNET (20 most recent)Add CNET to My Yahoo!
Enterprise SoftwareAdd CNET to My Yahoo!
Enterprise HardwareAdd CNET to My Yahoo!
SecurityAdd CNET to My Yahoo!
NetworkingAdd CNET to My Yahoo!
The NetAdd CNET to My Yahoo!
Personal TechnologyAdd CNET to My Yahoo!
Newsmakers (interviews & profiles)Add CNET to My Yahoo!
Perspectives & LettersAdd CNET to My Yahoo! feedsAdd feed
Apple blog
Broadband blog
Cellular blog
Cisco blog
Coop's Corner blog
Dell blog
Enterprise software blog
Gadgets blog
Gaming blog
Google blog
IBM blog
Media blog
Microsoft blog
Missing Links blog
Music blog
Open source and standards blog
Oracle blog
Personal computers blog
Political blog
Processors blog
RFID blog
Search blog
Security blog
Sun Microsystems blog
VoIP blog
Windows blog
Workplace blog
Yahoo blog

If you're not using My Yahoo for reading RSS feeds, please go to

Using CNET feeds

We encourage you to use these feeds, so long as you do not post our full-text stories, and so long as you provide proper attribution to CNET Whenever you post CNET content on your web site or anywhere else, please provide attribution to CNET, either as text (CNET is our site name) or with a graphic (we reference a small 88x31 logo in each feed for this purpose) if you use the feeds publicly -- meaning, where anyone but yourself will read them. (Read the linking policy.) CNET Networks reserves all rights in and to the logo, and your right to use the logo is limited to providing attribution in connection with the RSS. We don't require anything dramatic, but we do ask that you always note the source of the information.

CNET reserves the right to require you to cease distributing the CNET content at any time for any reason.

Other CNET RSS feeds

Any questions, comments, or concerns? Let us know! We're interested in how our readers employ these feeds.

More on RSS

For more details on RSS, start with the CNET RSS tutorial, which has a great video demonstration of the process. There is also a useful walkthrough of the subscription process on CNET For more technical interest, start with the RSS 2.0 specification. CNET is currently using the RSS 2.0 format. has a large directory of available feeds. There are many reader applications which use RSS files. Several are available on CNET, in the RSS Reader category. Use this CNET page for Mac OS applications.