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Robotic furniture aims to help make room in tiny apartments (Tomorrow Daily 389 show notes)

Ori isn't available to the public yet, but its three-in-one room design is a reflection of the rise of micro-apartments in major cities.


Micro-apartments in major metropolitan cities are on the rise (no pun intended), and Ori hopes to help renters free up space in their homes with its three-in-one system. Using motors, Ori can change on demand between a bedroom, an office and a living room.

Starship Technologies is starting an official pilot program in four European cities for its fleet of autonomous delivery drones. They're loaded with cameras and sensors, plus they require a special PIN to unlock the lid and access the product inside. Would you prefer deliveries from a robot courier?

Now Playing: Watch this: Using Ori to create a shape-shifting robot apartment...

Using Ori to create a shape-shifting robot apartment (Tomorrow Daily Podcast 389)

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