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Roberts Gemini 31: Doesn't give a DAB about live radio

Roberts has a new DAB radio called the Gemini 31, as you may have gathered from the headline. It's pretty affordable and lets you pause and rewind live broadcasts, too

PURE Digital gets a fair wallop of love when it comes to the DAB world, but we're changing feet today and having a look at a snazzy little offering from Roberts. It's the Gemini 31 -- aka the RD31 -- and while it's generally a fairly standard DAB/FM radio, it's got a hella useful 'PausePlus' feature that lets you pause and rewind live radio for up to 40 minutes at a time.

It's essentially the same deal as PURE's ReVu technology, which uses built-in memory to record 40 minutes of audio as you listen live. If you want to rewind, you simply backtrack what's been captured as the system continues to record the broadcast, meaning you can easily fast forward and resume live listening.

The Gemini 31 has twin drivers for stereo sound, a backlit two-line dot-matrix display, a below-par 10 station presets and battery operation for 100 hours if needed. For £89 it's not extortionately priced, and if you're after an attractive little kitchen radio with the ability to break the barriers of live broadcasting, it may be an interesting choice to consider. It's available now. -Nate Lanxon