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Rick and Morty: D&D means Disaster and Danger in new comics

Roll 'em if you got 'em: Adult Swim's favorite grandpa-and-hapless grandson venture into the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

Morty doesn't look too pleased about joining Rick in the fantasy world of Dungeons & Dragons.

IDW Publishing

Rick and Morty can even make pickles and decades-old McDonald's Szechuan sauce into huge, drawn-out, dangerous dramas. 

So no one should be surprised that when the mad scientist and his grandson from the Adult Swim animated show dive into Dungeons & Dragons, things get messed up faster than you can roll a 20-sided die.

A new four-issue comic-book series from IDW Publishing and Oni Press will come to stores in August, IDW announced in a press release Sunday. 

In the plot, Morty makes the mistake of going to Rick for help to learn about D&D and "naturally, things go horribly wrong as Rick, Morty, and the whole Smith family find themselves on an epic quest with no escape in sight."

"I love Rick and Morty with a powerful love, and I've played D&D since the 5th grade," writer Patrick Rothfuss said in the release. "So when they approached me about writing a story with both of them together? That's some serious you-got-chocolate-in-my-peanut butter $#!& right there."

Rothfuss will create the comics along with writer Jim Zub and Eisner-nominated artist Troy Little.

"The Dungeons & Dragons crew is letting Pat and I open a Pandora's Box of insane adventure material and iconic creatures from the granddaddy of all tabletop role-playing games," Zub says. "I wish I could say we'll take good care of it, but, the simple truth is, this is Rick and Morty we're talking about. No fantasy world or otherworldly plane of existence is safe."

The illustration shared from the series features Rick grabbing for a die with all his typical Rick determination and fearlessness, while poor Morty looks like he'd rather be home with a basic game of Monopoly.