Revo K2 radio streams music, resembles tower block

Not only is it a DAB and FM radio, it'll also stream tunes and dock your iPod. And it looks like a tower block. What's not to like?


If you thought Vita Audio's DABs were the last word in radio design, Revo has something it'd like you to see. Because while this monolithic, aluminium and rubber structure may look like the kind of block of flats where Robocop would live, the K2 is actually a radio. Over engineered? Not when you consider what else it can do.

As well as FM, DAB and DAB+ broadcasts (when the latter comes to the UK), the mountainous K2 will play Internet radio (Kazakh hip-hop ahoy!), dock your iPod, iPhone or iPad, stream music from as well as any music files stored on your computer. Even if it didn't look this good, we'd be impressed.

Inside, there are four neodymium Balanced Mode Radiator speaker drivers and dual Class-D amplifiers, giving you 40W of sound. And thanks to Digital Signal Processing, music will sound like it's coming from a much larger device. Presumably something the size of an oil tanker.

Revo claims the result is near 360-degree dispersion of sound, with a more detailed high end, rich tones and deep bass. We'll have to reserve judgement till we see a review unit though.

And that screen? It's an OLED display that stays blank until activated, helping with the cool monolithic look. The dock is motorised, which is always a smart touch, and you can plug in another MP3 player using the 3.5mm headphone jack. Good news if you're eyeing up that new Samsung iPod touch rival.

The 5 million tracks from will cost you the normal £3 per month subscription, and Revo has an app you can use to operate it. But then hasn't everybody nowadays? It'll be on sale on 17 October for £300, and you can pre-order now. If a better-looking radio comes out this year, we'll eat our headphones.

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