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Researchers create touchable 3D technology

Glasses-free image display out of Japan makes 3D characters more tangible by floating them in midair in a real environment.

You might soon be able to interact with both game and animation characters in 3D, thanks to RePro 3D, a technology developed by researchers from Keio University in Japan. The system uses a glasses-free 3D projector to display an image of a character floating in midair, while an infrared camera registers hand movements. Tactile feedback is provided by a wired device strapped on the user's finger to enhance realism. You can refer to the below video to watch RePro 3D in action. Another version capable of rendering a larger projection for multiple users is also in the pipeline.

Judging by the rudimentary prototype in the video, we doubt the system is anywhere near commercialization. That said, this is definitely an interesting idea, particularly for gaming.

(Source: Crave Asia via Akihabara News)