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Reporters' Roundtable: Everything can be hacked

We talk with our reporters covering the twin security conferences DefCon and BlackHat in Las Vegas this week about the massive Shady RAT hack and research reports on hacking everything from nuclear plants to laptop batteries to insulin pumps.

Welcome to the paranoia episode! Security and privacy are in the news this week as two security conferences hit Las Vegas: BlackHat and DefCon. Our security and policy reporters are there to fill us in on the latest in security, privacy, and all the good reasons to unplug everything and hide under our beds.

Joining us today are frequent Roundtable guests, CNET News reporters Declan McCullagh and Elinor Mills.

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Stories we discussed this week:

Global cyber-espionage operation uncovered: Shady RAT.

Researchers warn of SCADA equipment discoverable via Google

Hacking laptop batteries: A new security threat

Security researchers hack Google's Chrome OS

Researchers find avenues for fraud in Square

Hacking insulin pumps

Face-matching with Facebook profiles. What is the threat?

Aerial surveillance

DefCon Kids joins adult hacker conferences