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Report: Razr returns to Cingular stores

Cingular is once again selling the popular Razr phone from Motorola after sales were halted last week following the discovery of a glitch that was cutting off calls, according to a report Tuesday.

The AP is reporting that Motorola has shipped repaired versions of the thin Razr phone to Cingular, which has made them available in limited quantities in its stores. T-Mobile, the other carrier affected by last week's shipment halt, is expected to begin selling the devices again later this week, according to the report.

Cingular and Motorola representatives did not immediately return e-mails seeking comment. A T-Mobile representative said he would have more information later in the day.

The problem, which Motorola said only affected Razr phones shipped after Feb. 1, was caused by a bad component that would kick callers offline. CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) versions of the Razr sold by Verizon were not affected, according to Motorola.