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Report: Microsoft board fails to decide on Yahoo

The Wall Street Journal reports late Wednesday that Microsoft's board wrapped up its meeting without deciding on the fate of its Yahoo bid.

Faced with the same options it has been facing for some time, Microsoft's board apparently just couldn't choose one of the options.

The Wall Street Journal reported late Wednesday that Microsoft's directors failed to decide on a next step for the software maker amid Yahoo's unwillingness to negotiate a deal. The software maker is said to be weighing whether to go directly to Yahoo shareholders and at what price, whether to just nominate its own slate of directors, or whether to walk away from its bid.

Citing sources close to the matter, the Journal said an announcement is expected "later in the week."

That's it. I'm going home. I have to rest my "reload" finger for tomorrow.

If someone knows more, though, I'll be checking my e-mail--ina DOT fried AT cnet DOT com.