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Report: Facebook wants Marc Andreessen on its board

The Netscape founder and Ning CEO reportedly "verbally agreed" to the commitment, but according to blog reports, it's not set in stone.

Facebook has asked tech veteran Marc Andreessen to join its board of directors, according to Kara Swisher at All Things D. The deal isn't finalized, apparently, but Andreessen has "verbally agreed" to the commitment.

The Netscape founder is currently at the helm of his own social-networking site, Ning, which lets Web users create their own branded community sites without technical expertise. Because of its focus on niche communities rather than mass communication, it's not a direct Facebook competitor.

Facebook, meanwhile, has been padding its ranks with seasoned industry leaders as a means of competing with the Valley's biggest names. Google sales executive Sheryl Sandberg was brought on recently as chief operating officer, and this week it was announced that Google communications czar Elliot Schrage would be making the jump to Facebook as well.

Current Facebook board members include Accel Partners' Jim Breyer and PayPal co-founder and Founders Fund investor Peter Thiel.