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Report: Apple's iPad accounts for 94.64% of tablet Web traffic

According to Web analytics firm Chitika, Apple's iPad is responsible for nearly all of the Web traffic coming from tablet devices.

A recent Web usage report shows the iPad with a staggering lead over its competitors. Chitika

Taking into account any Web query made from a tablet device across its ad network, Chitika was able to determine that not only was the iPad clearly the front-runner in Web usage with 94.64 percent, but that other tablet devices are nearly non-existent.

Coming in second place was the Samsung Galaxy Tab, representing 1.22 percent of Web traffic.

Despite pundit arguments that suggest Android devices are "winning" the mobile operating system race, in terms of usage, the numbers seem to put the iPad clearly ahead. And yes, this is a small sample set from a single ad network, but the trend is real.

Apple's iPad dominance for its space reminds me of the iPod's overwhelming market dominance of personal MP3 players. Like the iPod, the iPad has come to be the common nomenclature for any tablet -- a good problem to have if you're Apple, I would say.

Considering the other names on Chitika's report -- Samsung, Motorola, Amazon, Asus, Barnes & Noble -- one has to wonder if those companies have already taken their respective "best shots" at Apple's tablet dominance. And if they have not, what could they possibly do to catch the iPad?

Certainly Apple will not be letting up in the tablet market. And, with emerging markets opening in China, India, and South America, there is plenty of room to grow. Will anyone ever create a worthy iPad competitor? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!