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Red Hat's Fedora Core 6 slips a notch

Red Hat has delayed release of its latest enthusiast version of Linux, Fedora Core 6, by a few days.

The software had been scheduled for release Wednesday, now is slated to appear Oct. 17, Jesse Keating, a Red Hat programmer in the project, said in a message to a Fedora mailing list Friday.

The company had to fix a handful of problems, including failures to install on systems with 256MB of memory, possible corruption with the ext3 file system, an issue with the SELinux security software on Power processor-based computers, and glitches installating the software over iSCSI storage networks.

Fedora Core 6 includes a new attempt at incorporating Xen virtualization technology that lets multiple operating systems run simultaneously on the same computer. Xen will arrive in the next version of Red Hat's fully supported product, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, due to arrive later this year or early next.