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Record high-definition video with $499 Canon HV10 camcorder

Two vendors are offering refurbished Canon HV10 camcorders for $499 shipped. It captures 1080i video and includes a manufacturer's warranty.


I've mentioned before my love--no, lurve--for high-def camcorders. Here's your chance to grab one for just about the lowest price I've seen: and WilloughBys are both offering the Canon HV10 for $499 shipped. (Actually, it's $499.98 at Vanns, so budget accordingly.) These are factory-refurbished units that include a manufacturer's warranty (though neither site specifies the duration; I'd ask before ordering).

The tape-based Canon HV10 captures full 1080i video and 2.7-megapixel still photos. It's chock full of advanced features, including optical image stabilization, a 10x optical zoom, and lots of manual controls. CNET didn't like the camcorder's ergonomics or short battery life, and I'm bummed that it lacks an HDMI output for connecting directly to your HDTV.

Nevertheless, the HV10 captures absolutely dazzling video for a price that's hard to beat. Before soccer season ends and you miss your chance to record your little superstar in full HD glory, jump on this deal.