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Razer to hand over new gaming mouse for lefties

Not everyone understands the plight of left-handed computer gamers like Razer, which is planning to release its second mouse for southpaws.

We took a picture of a regular Razer Naga mouse and flipped it to imagine the left-handed version. Photo by Razer & Christopher MacManus/CNET

Computer peripheral maker Razer posted a question on its official Facebook page late last month asking if fans wanted another mouse built for left-handed gamers. The company requested at least 10,000 "Likes" on the post within a month to give the idea serious consideration. It only took a week to reach that number.

Several years ago, Razer launched a basic five-button gaming mouse for left-handed folk, the DeathAdder, giving everyone an equal opportunity at the perfect headshot.

Now, after the recent affirmative votes from Facebook-ers, Razer plans to release a left-handed mouse based on the Naga, which is designed specifically for massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs).

While Razer didn't announce a release date for the left-handed mouse, it hinted that development takes about a year from start to finish.

Similar to its right-handed counterpart, the $79 Naga will feature 17 buttons, 5,600dpi, and the claim of "200 inches per second max tracking speed."

Does anyone own a 200-inch mousepad so I can test this claim while drinking a Red Bull?