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Quote of the Day: Pols still prefer print news

As the LA Times scales down the print version of its national edition, some politicians are relieved it's not disappearing entirely.

The Los Angeles Times has scaled down the print version of its national edition, circulated in Washington and New York--a move that came after the paper's executives considered killing it in favor of an online-only version. The decision to retain the print version, which is smaller in size and black and white, prompted two California Democrats to sigh in relief. Rep. Henry Waxman said, "It's good to have it physically, because most members of Congress are too busy to go to the Web." And a spokesman for Sen. Dianne Feinstein said she liked to see "how stories are placed--it's a way of staying in touch with what's important."

Would those be important stories that she perhaps could and should have read on the Web the day before the print edition was delivered? Click here to read more of The New York Times' coverage (registration required).