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Quirky 35mm films give some special effects

Thought film was slowly going the way of the dinosaurs? Here's a range of artisan 35mm film with quirky effects, to prove that the spirit is well and truly alive.

Even when traditional film manufacturers are scaling back production on some film stock, it's good to know that there are plenty of independent artisans keeping the spirit alive.

(Credit: Revolog)

Revolog is a small web-based company that sells special effects and expired 35mm films. While you may be familiar with the Lomography films, the Revolog films are a lot more quirky. Its latest stock is called Streak, which places a scratchy look over the film plane. Other films include the Texture stock, which overlays a series of splodges on the frame, and 460nm, which changes colour depending on where it is developed.

An image taken with the Streak stock. (Credit: Revolog)

The good part is that, despite all the crazy effects, the film can be developed in any traditional lab that can process C-41. There's currently 10 custom 35mm films available through the store, as well as some old favourites, such as Kodak Ektachrome dating back to 1993.