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Qualcomm offers support for Clearwire-billed LTE

Company is making its mobile device chips compatible with Clearwire's LTE offering.

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NEW ORLEANS--The carrier networks aren't the only 4G LTE game in town.

Qualcomm today announced its intention to support Clearwire's forthcoming TDD-LTE network in a select line of chipsets that power mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Qualcomm already has what are called multi-mode, multi-band LTE chipsets, which enable devices to ride more than one LTE frequency.

Mobile device-makers that use Qualcomm's chipsets to power their products will be able to offer their customers other solutions for LTE, since their products will be able to ride the data network provided by Clearwire's wholesale service.

"We are pleased that Qualcomm will expand the size of the LTE ecosystem by adding support for Clearwire's LTE frequency bands to their chipsets," Clearwire CEO Erik Prusch said today in a statement.

Clearwire uses the FDD frequency band, whereas some carriers like Sprint use the TDD bands. Qualcomm's multi-mode, multi-band chipset would allow both frequencies on its devices.

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