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PS4 outselling Xbox One 1.5:1 in Blighty, says Sony exec

The PS4 is selling better than the Xbox One, a Sony exec has said, but it's still nowhere near enough.

We already knew the PS4 was outselling the Xbox One in the UK, but now comes word on exactly how much better it's doing. For every Xbox One sold in the UK, Sony sells one and a half PS4s. So for every ten Xbox Ones, 15 PS4s are sold.

That stat comes courtesy of Sony UK's managing director Fergal Gara at a breakfast briefing for the slimmer PS Vita, Edge reports. When it comes to PS3 sales versus Xbox 360, however, it's a different story.

The figures are almost exactly flipped for the last generation of consoles. For every PS3 sold, Microsoft sells 1.51 Xbox 360s. "That's pretty damn disappointing," Gara said. "We've been chipping away at that, and it was worse than that a couple of years ago."

But the 4.2 million PS4 sales so far is more than Sony expected. "Sales surpassed all of our dreams," Gara said. "Our biggest job in the opening weeks was securing volume. We're still not in stock at retail and we continue to work on that and we're very, very pleased with the results."

At time of writing, the PS4 is back in stock at Amazon, Game, Tesco, and Asda

Sales will only grow this year, Gara said. "Of course, we haven't launched in Japan and we haven't got anywhere close to fulfilling demand in many major territories, so that [4.2 million] is a suppressed number, and one that will grow considerably from here.

"The UK is a chunky part of that and we're very proud that we got our fair share of stock, but it's still not enough. We want more and we need more."

Do you think the PS4 deserves to sell more than the Xbox One? Have you had trouble getting hold of one? Which is the better console? Let me know in the comments, or over on our Facebook page.